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August 02, 2019

Friendship is a fundamental key to a happy life and a running theme in Disney films. Through Disney, we’ve witnessed the qualities of many wonderful friendships that we’ve likely built our own bonds on. 

Here are 10 pieces of fine art that capture the love and companionship of some Disney best friends: 

"Unlikely Friends” by Rodel Gonzalez | Shop:

Though highly unlikely, this mouse and elephant pairing sure is a lovely one. This artwork shows the trust Dumbo has in his friend and hype-man, Timothy Q. Mouse and the confidence Timothy has in his self-conscious BFF. We all need that kind of support in our lives.

"Minnie and Daisy’s Favorite Tune” by Manuel Hernandez | Shop:

Just two gals listening to records and talking about absolutely everything (including their beaus). Friendship comes easy when you vibe like these two and it definitely shows in this pretty and pink piece.


"After a Hard Day’s Work” by Jim Warren | Shop:

Did someone say Squad? These seven dwarfs may have extremely different personalities but it works for them in the best way. This canvas giclée showcases the complexity but also the compatibility of this tight-knit crew.

"New Found Friend In the Forest” by Rob Kaz | Shop:

This piece brings us back to when the fox and the hound vowed to be best friends forever. It’s a reminder that if built strong, friendships can overcome even the toughest of obstacles.

"Space Adventure” by Rob Kaz | Shop:

A good friend is someone you can have fun with wherever you’re at and whatever you’re doing. This portrayal of the scene of Lilo and Stitch making the most out of a coin-operated spaceship is exactly the energy friendships should always carry.

"A Family of Enchanted Things” by Michelle St. Laurent | Shop:

Friends can feel like family when you go through the best of times but also the worst of times together - for example, being turned into enchanted objects. This fine art illustrates the strong bonds we all wish to have and hold with our pals.

"A Friendship Blossoms” by Michael Humphries | Shop:

Thumper and Bambi are possibly the most adorable duo and it definitely shows in this whimsical piece. Thumper’s eagerness to take Bambi under his wing and Bambi’s devotion to his best friend are qualities to go “awe” at. 

"Cheering Up Donald” by Tony Anselmo | Shop:

Everyone has that one grumpy friend of the bunch but good friends will always be around to cheer that friend up. Whether you are that friend or you have that friend, this canvas print does an awesome job of portraying a realistic yet still heartwarming friendship.

"Jungle VIPs” by James C. Mulligan | Shop:

We believe friendship should be included in the “bare necessities of life.” Baloo and Mowgli’s friendship was pure and candid and is perfectly depicted in this fine art. 

"Summer Picnic” by Tim Rogerson | Shop:

The original gang composed of the randomest animals but with the sweetest personalities. This colorful canvas print brings out the warmth and spirit in each of these best friends. 

Now go and give your best friends a big hug - or better yet, give them a heartfelt piece of fine art to show them how much you really care.

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