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Magical Memories Blog — Toy Story


Disney Disney Fashion Disneybound Dopey Fall Fall Fashion Fall into Disney Style Fall Season Fashion Halloween Hocus Pocus Instagram Oogie Rapunzel The Nightmare Before Christmas Toy Story Winnie The Pooh

It’s the first day of fall and if you’re on Instagram, we’re sure you’ve already begun to see the #Fallintodisneystyle trend, which means Disney lovers everywhere are getting their snazzy autumn outfits together for posh pics at Disney parks. 

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Anchor Ariel Bruce Chum Destiny Disney Finding Dory Finding Nemo Flounder Glut the Shark mako shark Moana Mr. Shark Pixar Shark Head Maui Shark Week The Little Mermaid Toy Story Woody

This Sunday marks the beginning of Shark Week - a week solely dedicated to the insane stories and discoveries surrounding these incredible animals. 

To kick-off the excitement, here are the most popular Disney sharks ranked from worst to best: 

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candypalaceprincess Disney Disneybound erikaenchanted Forky keshiasih missgolden_lady patrickadougall prettymuchtara Prince Pogi Princess Jasmine R2-D2 Sheriff Woody Tara Brickman teamsparkle The Aristocats tikiroombby Toy Story

If you’ve been to a Disney park in the past couple of years, you’ve definitely seen the recent “Disneybounding” trend.

Disneybounding is when people create outfits inspired by Disney characters. They’re not quite Cosplay costumes but they’re not quite regular outfits either - they’re the more stylish, casual cousin of the two.

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Barbie Bo Peep Buzz Lightyear Emperor Zurg Hamm Mr. Potato Head Picasso Star Wars Toy Story Toy Story 2 Toy Story 3 Toy Story 4 Trixie Woody

While everyone may have a favorite of the bunch, there’s no argument that Toy Story is one of the few movie series that remains strong after each sequel. Perhaps, it’s because each movie is loaded with hysterical content that never fails to impress both its child and adult audience.

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Underrated Disney Movies

A Bug’s Life Antz Bernard Bianca Billy Joel Charles Dickens Coco Disney Dreamworks Animation Elton John Oliver & Company Oliver Twist Phil Collins Pixar Snow White The Brave Little Toaster The Emperor’s New Groove The Little Mermaid The Little Mermaid 2 The Rescuers Down Under Thomas M. Disch Toy Story

There's a lot of Disney movies that have great plot and even better characters... but they just don't get the recognition they deserve! We're here to give those films the moment in the spotlight. Here's our list the of the 5 most underrated Disney films. 

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