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10 Disney Artists You Should be Following on Instagram

June 10, 2019 4 Comments

Whether you’re missing your favorite Disney characters or craving new Disney imagination, Instagram is loaded with thousands of Disney artists who graciously share their talent and creativity.

These are 10 Instagram artists who will bring you back to your childhood years and get you up to date on the artistic world of Disney:


Freelance artist Nicola Palmas revives all Disney memories by encapsulating entire Disney movies in recognizable silhouettes.


Luigi literally brings Disney characters to life through graphic design, allowing you to imagine what it would be like to share the real world with the Disney family.


Lance Inkwell takes you way back with his retro cartoons and each piece comes with an intriguing edgy twist.


Through gorgeous fashion illustrations, Nastya lets Disney princesses into the modern world, making you want to dress like your favorite Disney princess all over again.


Is there anything more heartwarming than your Disney best friends drawn on the songs you remember them by? Thank you, artist Ursula Doughty.


Dave provides a fun take on Disney characters by transforming them into Britney Spears music videos, TV show characters, magazine cover stars and more.


This artist commands all attention with his multidimensional art. Be prepared to spend several minutes analyzing every incredible detail of each piece.


Whether it’s by giving classic characters mermaid tails or dressing Disney princesses in trendy outfits, Alex Pick reimagines a whole new world of Disney.


Ryan makes real magic happen when he creates beautiful Disney art out of paper - yes, paper!


Elisa paints and draws artwork that she fits into vintage frames creating unique memorabilia. Pssst… They’re all available on Etsy!

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