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July 05, 2019

It’s National Hawaii Day! Hawaiian characters Lilo, Stitch, Moana and more have provided us with goofy scenes, inspiring quotes, and heartwarming songs that we’ll always be grateful for. 

Here are 10 pieces of fine art that honor our favorite Disney Hawaiian characters: 

"Hawaiian Pizza” by Tim Rogerson | Shop: http://bit.ly/2KZiVL9

Chef Stitch on the beach snatching a slice of yummy Hawaiian pizza paired with cool and colorful lettering makes an awesome focal piece.

"Hawaiian Serenade” by Rodel Gonzalez | Shop: http://bit.ly/326aO4V

If Lilo serenading her best friend Stitch in a hammock by the sea isn’t the most wholesome thing you’ve ever seen, we don’t know what is. This piece will make you and your guests feel some type of way every time you look at it. 

"Moana’s New Friend” by Rob Kaz | Shop: http://bit.ly/2Yv8jqJ

A gorgeous giclée of an already-gorgeous shot of baby Moana being chosen by the ocean would be the perfect wall art for a children’s room or any room that can use the compliments of these aqua tones. 


"Tiki Stitch” by Tom Matousek | Shop: http://bit.ly/324zOJO

Let this fun canvas turn a room or patio into a tasteful beachy space with its remarkable detail and laid back hues, plus the added bonus of a cute and fluffy Stitch.

"Hula Stitch” by Manuel Hernandez | Shop: http://bit.ly/2YAS4sk

Is there anything better than one of our favorite Hawaiian characters doing the Hula with surfboards, tiki torches and an “ALOHA” banner edging the ocean in the back? We think not. Make any space a Hawaiian escape with this fine art. 

"Sailing Into the Sun” by Walfrido Garcia | Shop: http://bit.ly/323QuB7

This hand-embellished giclée on canvas has stunning colors and a glimmer that makes Moana and Maui’s trek across the ocean even more of a masterpiece. This is definitely a piece to hang up and show off for all to see. 

"Waiting for Waves” by Rob Kaz | Shop: http://bit.ly/2FPX8BD

The pastels in this piece make us want to stand right beside Stitch in the calm waves under those baby pink clouds. Imagine being able to wake up to this serene scene every day - instant relaxation. 


"Hula Moon” by Walfrido Garcia | Shop: http://bit.ly/2Xr1ObS

The moon is full and so are our hearts after looking at this unbelieveable acrylic painting with our two Hawaiian best friends dancing in the night sky’s glow. We’re ready to throw on some hula skirts and start dancing already.


"Little Island Girl” by Tom Matousek | Shop: http://bit.ly/2KX1o6B

Give your baby’s room a splash of color, sweetness, and uniqueness with this original oil on canvas. Oh, c’mon, just look at those eyes!

"Elvis Stitch” by James C. Mulligan | Shop: http://bit.ly/2XNI7KJ

Stitch in his iconic Elvis costume will surely bring smiles and laughs to the people who see this canvas giclée. We can almost hear him singing Blue Hawaii. 

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