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Cris Woloszak

Born in New York City in 1973, Cris spent his childhood in two different worlds – the tropical paradise of South Florida, where he spent most of his time as a youth surfing the pristine beaches along the east coast of Florida and the city life of "New York City", those experiences introduced him to different passions – "Hot rods and the Ocean".
"I guess you can say my love for the artistic craft started when my father would bring me to car shows when I was just a young boy," says Cris, "At one of the car shows I was impressed and specifically remember a design artistically painted on a 1932 Ford. The black ghost flames and candy teal on the car created such a lasting impression that I fell in love with the art of candy color painting ever since."
Unlike many artists, Cris Woloszak did not attend a prestigious school for art. Instead he became a self-educated artist on a relentless path to success. He started his career by painting cars and motorcycles in order to earn a living, however he always had aspirations of becoming a renowned artist in his field.