November 01, 2018

Disney has always been at the forefront of animation. Ever since Snow White graced us with her ivory skin and ebony hair, people have become inspired and influenced by the artistry of these memorable moments.

There are timeless scenes in Disney, and seeing them bring up all the feels you had when you watched them the first time. Artists tend to find inspiration in daily things, and for some, Disney is a central part of their everyday life.

Here are just some pieces of work that artists have reimagined through inspiration from Disney films.

One Last Song | Dumbo

“Baby of Mine” by Heather Theaurer | Shop:

Artist Heather Theurer’s “Baby of Mine” was inspired by the heart-wrenching scene in Dumbo;  where a heartbroken baby Dumbo is holding on to his mother as she is singing to him one last time. One can’t help but get teary eyed looking into the eyes of this heartbroken baby elephant.  

A Dress Fit For a Princess | Cinderella

“Dreams Come True” by James C. Mulligan | Shop:

James C. Mulligan’s inspiration for his piece, “Dreams Come True,” came from one of the most joyful scenes in Cinderella. The Fairy Godmother turns a pumpkin into a carriage and gives Cinderella and her four-legged friends a night they will never forget.

Love at First Dance | Beauty and the Beast

“Ever A Surprise” by Paige O’Hara | Shop:

Even the voice of Belle herself, Paige O’hara, was inspired by one of the most beautiful scenes in Beauty and The Beast, perfectly capturing the warmness both Belle and The Beast exuded as they danced around the ballroom on that snowy night.  

No Worries | The Lion King

“Hakuna Matata” by Rodel Gonzalez | Shop:

Timon and Pumba’s dream-like oasis in The Lion King was an inspiration for Rodel Gonzalez’s “Hakuna Matata.” This iconic scene from the song shows Simba growing from cub to lion. We can't help but be mesmerized by the gorgeous colors in this piece, and it really is helping us forget our worries!"

For the Love of Spaghetti | The Lady and the Tramp

“Serenade For A Lady” by Michelle St. Laurent | Shop:

In “Serenade For A Lady,” artist Michelle St. Laurent was inspired by probably one of the most iconic dinner scenes in a Disney film. Who knew a plate of spaghetti and meatballs could be so romantic... or was it the accordion serenade? Either way, this spaghetti filled kiss left its mark and we'll always think of it when we hear "Bella Notte.”

Jolly Roger Showdown | Peter Pan

“Blast You Pan” by Toby Bluth | Shop:

The excitement you had the first time you watched as Captian Hook dueled with Pan at the end of Peter Pan is re-imagined in Toby Bluth’s “Blast You Pan.” One can’t help but feel like the Darling children and The Lost Boys cheering Pan on as he narrowly escapes Hook’s, well... hook.   

He’s a Boy! | Pinocchio

“Brave, Truthful, and Unselfish” by Michelle St. Laurent |

We all know how magical it was to see Pinocchio be turned into a live puppet by the magical fairy in Pinocchio. This moment became the inspiration for “Brave, Truthful and Unselfish” by Michelle St. Laurent. This scene is forever etched into Disney fans’ minds because it’s the first time we meet the iconic Jimmy Cricket, who becomes his Conscious, as he learned what it took to become a real boy.   


We're so glad these talented artists have helped capture these magical moments. Shop 100s of licensed Disney artists and visit us at

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