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August 21, 2019

For all of the senior citizens out there: you only get cooler, wiser and funnier with age. We really mean it. These Disney characters prove that no matter how old, they’re just as memorable and loved as their younger counterparts. 


Here are our top 10 favorite Disney senior citizens:

10. Yzma | The Emperor’s New Groove

As evil as she may be, Yzma the most stylish villain we know out of all Disney villains, young and old. Who else can pull off a slinky black dress and purple feathers at her age? 

9. Georges | The Aristocats

Georges is a quirky fellow with a love for music and dancing. Perhaps a bit too old to still be practicing law for Madame Bonfamille, but not too old to make us laugh with his clumsy moves.  

8. Shorty | Tangled

Shorty is basically Georges if Georges shrunk and started hanging out at the pub every night. Shorty is the wild old man we all have in our lives, be it uncle, grandpa, or dad. We definitely don’t want to be in charge of babysitting him but we’ll always love him to death.


7. Grandmother Fa | Mulan

She’s a little stubborn and very accustomed to her own old ways, but everything she does is out of love. She embodies the classic grandma image, especially when it comes to her yearning for her granddaughter to find the perfect man.

6. Grandmother Willow | Pocahontas

A spiritual guide, Grandmother Willow is loving and wise. She serves as a sort of maternal figure for Pocahontas and gives her the advice she needs to hear. Don’t be fooled, though. This weeping willow may be compassionate but she also has some witty remarks she whips out when necessary.  

5. The Emperor of China | Mulan

The Emperor is brave, smart, and most of all, just. He values the lives of his people above his own, calculates the moves of enemies in a calm manner, and despite strict rules, gives Mulan the recognition she deserves. He may be old but his actions prove his leadership is anything but old-fashioned. 

4. Madame Bonfamille | The Aristocats

While Yzma may be the most stylish villain, Madame Bonfamille definitely snags the award for the most stylish Disney senior citizen ever. Who said we can’t be boujee and beautiful at any age? We hope we look that good when we’re writing our wills.

3. Carl Fredricksen | Up

He’s bitter and cranky and has a temper but it’s only because he needed someone to replace the void that was left when his beloved wife passed away. This old man comes around with the help of a dog, a bird, and a boy scout who become his family. We’re choking back tears. 

 2. Mamá Coco | Coco

A warm soul filled with enough joy to keep her alive, Mamá Coco keeps her father in good memory despite all of the bad rumors surrounding him and her great-grandson Miguel’s hopes of being a musician alive despite the family’s ban on music. She never fails to be the supportive and kind-hearted great-grandmother every family needs. Yeah, now the tears are flowing.

1. Widow Tweed | The Fox and the Hound

Our girl, Widow Tweed is a true G. First off, she mothers an orphaned baby fox. Second, she grabs a hunter’s rifle and shoots the hunter’s car with it when he tries to come after her fox. Then, despite her loneliness and love for the fox, she lets him go into a safe wildlife preserve because she knows that’s the right thing to do - like a G. 

We’re not sure about you guys, but we’d put this squad of senior citizens against anyone, any day. Wit, warmth, style, and strength are just a few qualities that these Disney characters share and that we can only hope to acquire as we get older. 

Which Disney senior citizen do you admire most? 

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