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September 02, 2019

Happy Labor Day! The United States runs on hard work and would be nothing without it’s diligent citizens. From servicing restaurant jobs, to performing manual labor, to working while parenting, everyone’s grind is important and valued.  

Here are eight Disney characters who motivate us to work hard too: 

Nani - Lilo & Stitch

At just 19, Nani has to take care of herself and her little sister all on her own - that means being responsible for food, rent, Lilo’s dance lessons, everything. In order to keep the bills paid and her custody of Lilo, Nani works nonstop at any job she can get - although, it’s often hard for her to keep a job because of Lilo and Stitch’s shenanigans.

Tiana - The Princess and the Frog

Unlike most Disney princesses, Tiana isn’t born into a wealthy family and the last of her concerns is finding a handsome prince. Tiana’s dream is to start her own restaurant and she knows what she has to do to achieve it. She works and she works HARD because, inspired by her father, she knows the only way she can get what she wants is through hard work. 


He may have been made for it, but there’s no denying this little robot puts in work. He crushes trash into billions and billions of cubes all day, every day, for years - not weeks, not months, years. Despite his loneliness and curiosity, he keeps at it… until of course, he meets the love of his robot life - EVE - but after his years of work we think he definitely deserves a nice retired life.


Mulan is determined to fit in with the men in her troop for the sake of her father. Although she’s already one of the more intelligent soldiers, she has to train extra hard to gain the physical capabilities of the men around her. Mulan’s determination and work ethic leads her to not only become an equal amongst the troops, but to become one of the best soldiers in the group.

Remy - Ratatouille

Remy has one dream: to become a professional chef. When he finds a nervous, clumsy worker at a prestigious restaurant, he is determined to partner up with him to prepare dishes he’s always wanted to create and work hard as a chef in his own discreet way. Remy’s dedication to his craft leads him to a raving review from a food critic and his very own restaurant, like Tiana!  


Forced to work as a maid by her evil stepmother, Cinderella does all of the household chores. Since the number of chores she’s assigned typically require more than one person, she usually spends all day and sometimes even all night to complete her tasks. Her work ethic is what largely contributes to her charm, which eventually gets her a handsome prince. 

The Seven Dwarfs - Snow White

These guys know all about a long day’s work. The seven dwarfs work routinely in their mine, digging for gems for hours. No matter how sleepy or grumpy or sneezy, these pals are out there with picks and shovels for a full day, everyday until it’s time to sing “Heigh-Ho,” and to home from work they go. 

Elastigirl - Incredibles 2

She said “Nuh-uh. It’s YOUR turn to stay home with the kids.” Elastigirl ditches her housewife life in Incredibles 2 and goes back to work fighting crime to gain publicity for Supers. Although the publicity stunt is really a scam to keep Supers from ever coming back, Elastigirl still does her part in protecting the city and her family. We love a working mom. 

Although Disney is all about having hope and dreaming big and wishing upon stars, these Disney characters prove that working hard is also important when striving for a successful, happy life. 

Thank you to all of the workers out there who inspire us just like these guys!

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