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July 02, 2019

Hamburgers on the grill, fireworks in the air, the flag on our bodies, and pool water in our hair -- it’s one of America’s most celebrated holidays, and not just because we get the day off. 

Whether it’s someone’s first year in the United States or 90th year, the Fourth of July is a time for all Americans of all backgrounds to celebrate what being American means to them.

Here are six patriotic pieces of Disney Fine Art that will bring out national pride in anyone and look fantastic at an Independence Day barbeque. 

“Red, White and Blue Jeans” by Trevor Carlton | Shop: 


Trevor Carlton created an instant classic when he seamlessly paired blue jeans, our country’s flag and an American icon in one piece. This print would give any space a cool, retro feel.    

“Freedom Flight” by Manuel Hernandez | Shop: http://bit.ly/2J7d0BU

Manuel Hernandez’s piece of Minnie and Mickey flying to freedom portrays the American Dream that so many have had and continue to have today. This complex piece will remind everyone what America is really all about.

“Engine 55” by Manuel Hernandez | Shop: http://bit.ly/2J7d9oW

What’s more American than our dearest Disney characters saluting a rescuer of the people? With the American flag waving proudly in the background, Hernandez once again creates a complex piece, this time portraying American bravery. 

“Mickeymerica” by Tennessee Loveless | Shop: http://bit.ly/2FNp5Kl

This screen print by Tennessee Loveless is simple in style yet bold in impact. One glance and a wave of pride, joy and childhood memories washes over us. 

“Swing for the Fences” by Tim Rogerson | Shop: http://bit.ly/323BKCn

Tim Rogerson’s landscape canvas of American idols playing America’s sport is a playful way to showcase American pride. 

“American Mouse” by Michelle St. Laurent | Shop: http://bit.ly/2W4xZbI

Mickey Mouse has been an American symbol for 90 years and he’ll continue to be one for years to come. Michelle St. Laurent’s canvas piece perfectly depicts the significance of America’s favorite character. 

All of the art featured here is part of our July Summer Sale! Get 10% off PLUS free shipping within the U.S. when you use discount code SUMMER. Showcase what makes you proud to be American this Fourth of July with one of these unique patriotic pieces.

Shop the entire sale here: http://bit.ly/2xdQ5Ow

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