October 23, 2018

For all the classic moments Disney has provided over the last eight decades, a majority of those moments tug at your heartstrings. You may remember from your own childhood, the very first time one of those significant moments left you in a bathtub full of your own tears?

Perhaps it was the hunt for Bambi’s mother where you learned about death, or Snow White’s red apple that taught you to be cautious of strangers. Either way, they are great preparation for emotional times and harsh realities.

Sometimes, as adults, we forget how fragile we are. Reliving these heart wrenching Disney moments through our aged eyes brought us to tears. Stop here and get your jumbo box of tissues ready, you'll need it.

Quasimodo’s Humiliation | The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Perhaps attending the Festival of Fools wasn’t the smartest idea for Quasimodo. The humiliation he encounters from festival goers who partake in throwing tomatoes at him, combined with being the center of attention for the first time in his life, made for a pretty brutal experience. Reminiscent of Sissy Spacek in Carrie. Especially when he begs for help from his master, who sits and watches as we witness how cruel humanity can be.

Ellie's Death  | Up

We are instantly mesmerized by the entire love story of Ellie and Carl. Arguably one of the greatest opening sequences in film, their short tale of love, life and loss is both beautiful and heartbreaking. Teaching us at an early age that sometimes, great things come to an end.

Hunting Season | Bambi

One could say that watching this scene at such an early age can scar you forever. Just when it seemed as though Bambi and his mother had successfully made it past hunting season, the camera reveals that Bambi will be taking on this world without his guiding light. He would continue to make it past his first winter without his mother, a guaranteed punch to the gut.

Widow Tweed Leaves Tod | The Fox and The Hound

Abandonment!  What seemed like a regular drive past the countryside soon turns sour when Widow Tweed has other plans. Making her way through the woods with Tod cuddled in her arms, Tweed decides that they have reached the end of their chapter. As Tod looks on confused, all that is left is the memories. Pet owner hearts ache worldwide.

Baby Be Mine | Dumbo

One can only imagine what thoughts pondered through Dumbo’s mother while she was held captive in chains. All of those worries were put aside, as her main priority soon became nurturing and keeping a young Dumbo calm. As she rocks him to comfort to the sad tune of “Baby Be Mine,” the audience is left wondering what the fate of Dumbo’s mom will be.

The Incinerator | Toy Story 3

A nail biting finish! The terrifying blaze that faces Andy’s collection of toys reminds us of all the times our favorite toys faced their demise at dreaded garage sales. Holding hands and heading towards their death in the furnace, we are left with both hands covering our eyes.

Mufasa’s death | The Lion King

Mufasa's final scene is easily one of the most mourned movie deaths of all-time. Perhaps even more heartbreaking is the sight of Simba pleading with his father to march on. The water works begin to takeover when we witnesses Simba curl up beneath his dad's lifeless paw.

Wall*E Rebooting | Wall*E

Wall-E not retaining any of the memory is as heartbreaking as our hard drive being wiped clean due to a virus. Tragic and unsettling. Fortunately, it is only a few tense minutes before him and EVE live happily ever after.

Bing Bong's Sacrifice | Inside Out

From a young Riley’s depression, to Joy realizing not everything comes up roses, Inside Out carried multiple moments of sadness. However, none come close to Bing Bong sacrificing his life for Joy. Reminding us that at some point it’s time to say goodbye to those childhood possessions we have such a hard time letting go of.

Cinderella’s Ripped Couture | Cinderella

John Hughes should cut Walt Disney a check for inventing the “I don’t have anything to wear to the dance premise.” Watching a hard-working Cinderella get torn to shreds while her step mother watches, reminds us that sometimes family can be left behind…. for good.

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